news vs noise: les amis,
                                     welcher Trinkhalle gehen and how to
              europa muss sterben    

l'amour, les bandes dessinées, was anschauen, zu
ignore all the rest: check it out, survive and stay alive.

sommer 2017
europa muss sterben
the killing juggernaut
zum zusammenhang 1996-2017

das protokoll & Musik
potato shapes
food and other myths
diesmal mit Sarah M. Harrison, Jennifer Bennett,
Daniel Müller, Juliane Rebentisch, Deepa Bhasthi,
Peter Eisenkoko, Michael Herbst,
jetzt bestellen.


europa favorit

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ein magazin von stephan janitzky und sebastian stein




Miss Read Buchmesse in Berlin
vom 14. bis 15. Juli 2017, HKW



Mai 6./7. 2016 muss sterben @ #Riafeniz Künstlerhaus - Halle für Kunst & Medien, Graz >>>>>>> presentation friday 5pm

Magazine Launches

April 13, 2016, 6:30pm

Counter Space Zurich

April 15 2016, 6:30pm
Istitutio Svizzero di Roma

mittwoch 2.dezember 2015, 20h RSTR4 München

"We clean our office together every Monday morning after the team meeting, dividing tasks and putting on music (sometimes) for around 30 minutes. It’s important to feel we are collectively responsible by cleaning the space and our computer desktops together. Zürich muss sterben."
"I was elevatoring down to my room around dinnertime, and I saw the Kanton of Zurich had implemented mandatory anti-smoking plaques on the walls in the hallway ouside the doors saying words to the effect that smoking causes cancer in unborn children - or words equally overkill and medical. the plaques were bronze and really quite beautifully made, but, I mean, even back when people smoked, they still never smoked in elevators. Zurich muss sterben."